Le Orme – L’Infinito

2004 (self-financed)

1: Il Tuono E La Luce (3:01)
2: La Voce Del Silenzio (4:22)
3: Shanti (2:43)
4: L’Infinito (5:33)
5: Si Puo’ Immaginare (5:49)
6: Il Tempio Sul Lago (3:16)
7: Questo E Il Mattino (0:40)
8: Canto (4:53)
9: La Ruota Del Cielo (5:41)
10: Tra La Luna E Il Sole (4:08)
11: Come Onde Sull’Oceano (2:23)
12: L’Infinito [ripresa] (2:34)

With “L’Infinito”, dating from 2004, the Venetian prog band Le Orme completes its triptych about the origin of humanity. The albums “Il Fiume” (1996) and “Elementi” (2001) have already been released in this context with the aim of making music that appeals to the atmosphere and sound of the albums from their heyday. The concept fits the band like a glove, which means that both imagination and feeling oozes in full glory from these albums, this certainly applies to the “L’Infinito” reviewed here. Yes folks, this is an album that is immersed in endless beauty in a time frame of only 45 minutes.

Since the formation of the band in 1966, Aldo Tagliapietra has been behind the microphone, first as a guitarist, later as a bass player. Over the years his voice has acquired a beautiful warm sound fitting perfectly with the heavenly grandeur of the music. The fact that Tagliapietra left the band a few years after “L’Infinito” in favor of pursuing a solo career, puts a melancholic layer over the album. So we’re talking about his last studio album together with the band.

Most songs have vocals, only a few pieces are instrumental like opener Il Tuono E La Luce. It’s a mighty track that will make your jaw drop. The guitar solo does not come from a stringed instrument, but from a specially designed keyboard. Michele Bon plays this guitar simulator and it’s indistinguishable from the real thing. Even the touch of the right hand is perfectly emulated. Unbelievable. The simulator appears regularly on the album and you should be glad. The simulator in the subsequent ballad La Voce Del Silenzio is very beautiful and not only because the beautifully sung track has a title that appeals to me, but simply because the solo always manages to blow me away.

The splendor of the album flows beautifully from your speakers everywhere in the well-varied whole. Take for instance the strings in the organic title track and meanwhile let yourself be carried away by the magnificent drumming of Michi Dei Rossi in the bolero piece. There is superb quality throughout the entire album, clearly reflected in the many organ pieces which, in addition to the euphoric horn sounds, are extremely characteristic of Le Orme. The absolute culmination of the album is the elegant Si Puo’Immaginare, which is full of keyboard solos on synthesizer, guitar simulator and organ. The instrumental Il Tempio Sul Lago, with its piano and strings, is very reminiscent of an album like Florian. Time and time again you can hear that the performance is the epitome of mastery. La Ruota Del Cielo puts the sitar center stage and it is Tagliapietra who sends these conjuring sounds into the world.

The final three songs clearly form the finale of the piece. From the sweltering and stunning Tra La Luna E Il Sole to the mighty choir in the bombastic reprise of the title track, you will be on the edge of your seat.

“L’infinito” is a great album that has been created with care, love, craftsmanship and taste. This work deserves a place in the hall of fame of fine art, to remain there forever.

Andrea Bassato: piano, keyboards, violin
Michele Bon: MB3 organ (self-made), keys, guitar simulator synth
Michi Dei Rossi: drums, percussion, glockenspiel, tubular bells
Aldo Tagliapietra: vocals, bass guitar, bass pedals, acoustic 12-string guitar, sitar
Pietro Constantini: viola
Rossella Mazzucchelli: violin
Luca Penzo: violin
Catherine Rossi: cello
the choir Joy Singers Of Venice conducted by Andrea D’Alpaos

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