Even Flow – Mediterraneo (ep)

2022 (self released)

1: Ocean Lies (5:13)
2: Ray Of Light (4:51)
3: Leaves (2:54)
4: Revelation Day (3:00)
5: Mediterraneo (7:33)

Even Flow is an Italian prog metal band whose members prefer to say they come from Sardinia. The band, formed in the late 1990s by guitarist Pietro Paolo Lunesu and his drumming brother Giorgio, has experienced quite a bit in its existence. This includes European tours, interesting support acts, various collaborations and the release of two full-length studio albums. They have also produced a number of EPs. On October 3, 2022, their new EP, “Mediterraneo” was released and it is an excellent piece of work that will definitely appeal to Dream Theater fans.

Regarding the lineup in recent years singer Marco Pastorino and bassist Luca Negro have completed the lineup and Los Angeles-based keyboardist Alessandro Bertoni provides beautiful parts as a guest musician. They are a fine group.

The EP was recorded in two studios, one in Rome and one in Cagliari. Not that it matters much but mentioning facts is also part of the job. I have more. The Lunesu brothers serve as the producers while the mixing and mastering were done by Michelle Guaitoli. Oh, and the artwork is by Mythrid Art. It’s interesting to examine the music itself.

“Mediterraneo” contains five tracks ranging from 2:54 to 7:33. The first one is an immediate hit. Ocean Lies starts with rough guitar work which seems to be a prelude to what is to come. In this opening we are confronted with Marco Pastorino’s warm, Geoff Tate-like vocals and he immediately immortalizes himself. When the song briefly pauses it is followed by a reconstruction of great class. Gentle keyboard work leads to a section best described as Marillion goes metal. In the subsequent Ray Of Light, the band once again demonstrates a beautiful combination of melody and power. The music video for this song was already released on this site in September 2021 and there is every reason to do it again. After the short piano-dominated Leaves it’s time for the rather accessible Revelation Day. However, I want to use this song to highlight their virtuosity because they possess it. In a band sound reminiscent of Knight Area it is primarily guitarist Pietro Paolo Lunesu and keyboardist Alessandro Bertoni who shine. The music clearly showcases their instrumental mastery without any showing off whether it’s in the more complex songs like Ocean Lies and the closing title track or a accessible song like Revelation Day. The title track Mediterraneo has all the elements of a typical closer: bombast, power, exuberance, a catchy chorus and a dazzling instrumental section.

Hopefully, “Mediterraneo” will bring Even Flow a lot. They deserve it and well if I can enjoy it, so can you.

Pietro Paolo Lunesu: guitars
Giorgio Lunesu: drums
Marco Pastorino: vocals
Luca Negro: bass
Alessandro Bertoni: keyboards

© Dick van der Heijde 2022