Eris Pluvia – Rings Of Earthly Light

1991 (Musea)

1: Rings Of Earthly Light: (17:12)
  – Earthscore
  – Portrait
  – Sell My Feelings
  – Following Her In A Fantasy Lake
  – I Re-Emerged, Ancient Knight, In Presence Of Metal Knights
2: In The Rising Mist (4:26)
3: The Broken Path (1:32)
4: Glares Of Mind (3:56)
5: Pushing Together (4:40)
6: You’ll Become Rain (2:14)
7: The Way Home (9:17)

The seven tracks of this album are all legendary to me. This review is about “Rings Of Earthly Light”, the debut album from 1991 by the five-piece Italian band Eris Pluvia. It is the Musea label that released the album, an event that toke place in the year that I was struck by a stroke. I always get a melancholy feeling when I see the CD and when I hear it’s beautiful music I am completely out of this world.

Although Eris Pluvia as a band signs for all compositions, it is the contribution of Alessandro Serri (vocals, guitar, flute) and Edmondo Romano (recorder, saxophone, backing vocals) that makes the magic work. Together they are responsible for the main part of all those beautiful chords, those gorgeous melodies and those strong themes, in other words: thanks to them you are constantly in atmospheres like the old Genesis and Jethro Tull. You hear delicate strumming on the acoustic guitar, melodic parts on the electric, dreamy flute riffs and frivolous playing on the recorder and saxophone. Sometimes there is a jazzy sound in the music and Serri’s voice also sounds very organic.

The album kicks off with the epic title track which I can’t hear often enough. I’ve heard the suite a thousand times and the craftsmanship touches me every time. How tasteful is the female voice in the third part? In The Rising Mist has the ungrateful task of following this tour de force, but the moody song succeeds with gusto. Then there are two instrumentals of which the Oriental Glares Of Mind sounds very pleasant. The last songs fall into the category beautiful-more beautiful-most beautiful. The closing song is by far the winner and that is partly due to that flashy 6/8th guitar solo.

All in all, “Rings Of Earthly Light” is an impeccable album and at the time of writing, the band is still active.

Alessandro Serri: vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, flute
Paolo Raciti: piano, keyboards
Edmondo Romano: recorder, flute, saxophone, backing vocals
Marco Forella: acoustic guitar, bass
Martino Murtas: drums, percussion
Valeria Caucino: vocals
Enrico Paparella: acoustic guitar
Alessandro Cavatorti: acoustic guitar
Sabrina Quarelli: violin

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