About this website

On this website I want to express my passion for progressive- and rock-music by writing reviews of CD’s from my own collection. For years I have written for others, with great pleasure, and I am willing to continue this for the near future. At a given point I thought it was a waste of time only reviewing new releases, while I have a cabinet filled with gems. It took a night of brainstorming before I knew it.

On this website I am presenting a cross section of my musical taste. With swift pace I’m going through my collection. You may expect about  80% progressive and 20% rock-reviews. There will be a lot of neo-prog, but regularly I examine some albums from the 70’s. The 90’s are of special interest for me as well, and sometimes I prefer music a little bit heavier. Rock reviews you can expect are, amongst others, from e.g. Dire Straits or Jackson Browne.

It’s not my aim to be up-to-date, yet I want to refresh the website on a regular base with two new reviews.